20 February, 2014
Beauty Spots

A grid mapping of our beauty spots. A series of skin textures for use as desktop backgrounds or other digital surfaces where one lacks physicality.

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06 February, 2014
Clock Type

A collaborative font based on the idea of a clock using a looping animation of circular grids. Every six seconds participants have to pick a letter and trace one of its projected line segments.

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23 January, 2013
Slit-Scan Projections

A slit-scan variation, shot with us sitting back to back on a rotating stool with cycling colors projected onto us.

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9 January, 2014
Content Aware Checkerboard

Content Aware Checkerboard is a workshop where participants are asked to draw the missing parts of a projected image.

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28 November, 2013
Clay Analytics

Clay Analytics is a workshop that uses clay and light play to make hands-on representations of and even stories around words such as participation, user and maker, hybridity, autonomy, authorship, community and so on.

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