1 May, 2014
Pen vs Pen

A competition between a Photoshop user and someone drawing on paper (see also the marching ants workshop). The qualities and characteristics of each medium are highlighted by the different tasks they have to fulfil.

1 / 6
17 April, 2014
Photorealistic 3D

We took a look at 123D Catch, which allows you to make 3D scans from a series of photos with your iPad / iPhone.
(Note: the following renderings are interactive.)

1 / 10
March, 2014
Grow up

Collaborative creature drawing workshop. A head, hand/feet, arm/leg/neck, joint, corps, or genital drawing instruction is randomly distributed per turn. When a creature has grown more than 6 arm or leg tiles, it may grow hair, when it grows more than 8 tiles it can grow pubic hair.

1 / 6
8 March, 2014
Drawing Fungus

Drawing workshop at Zurich University of the Arts in collaboration with Karst-Janneke Rogaar. Participants have 1 minute to continue the mural drawing inside a specific cell.

1 / 9
6 March, 2014
Marching Ants

An interplay between a Photoshop user and someone drawing on paper. The computer user defines white areas using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. The drawn line has to stay within the white area and bounces of its walls.

1 / 5