18 September, 2014
Elevator Pitch

We tried to formulate an Elevator Pitch for Moniker using Google Docs as our collaborative text editor.

Start with 4 single-sentence questions.
Each player rewrites simultaneously one sentence.
Change max. 5 words at a time.
One round lasts max. 1 minute.

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4 September, 2014

We build small drawing machines by using milk frothers.
We connect them to a mouse and activate the pen-tool in photoshop. Together the pen-tool and the real pen dance a waltz according to the vibrations of the milk frother.

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21 August, 2014
Sprite Sheet

A little app that automatically converts a scanned A4 sheet of preprinted paper into a short stop motion animation.

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6 November, 2014
Exquisite Type

We used the technique of cadavre exquis to draw an alphabet. In turn, each participant would draw a segment of a letter. This resulted in a very idiosyncratic and schizophrenic alphabet that underlined the participants’ individual style and (lack of) understanding of letterforms. Subsequently, the letters were digitised into a display typeface.

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5 June, 2014
3D Straw Structure

We did this workshop together with Edo Paulus. It came from a desire to play with triangle based 3D structures as opposed to rectangular based 3D structures.

Each player adds one or two straws from the string of straws to the main structure each turn. Precise instructions can be found on conditionaldesign.org

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